WikiLeaks Analysis – ET Disclosure, Edgar Mitchell & Podesta


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 069:

More emails from Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta reveal attempts to arrange a meeting with members of the Church to discuss disclosure of extraterrestrial life on Earth

wikileaksMore emails have been released from WikiLeaks that shed more light on the Podesta extraterrestrial mystery. This podcast gives an analysis of the emails sent by Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta, requesting a meeting to discuss the disclosure of extraterrestrial life. In addition, one of the emails discusses the Catholic Churches knowledge of, interest in, and opinion of extraterrestrial life. This is an important analysis in the movement toward disclosure. Your help is needed in finding more information! Be sure to listen for the next steps and questions that listeners can help find answers to!!!


Rebecca Wright to Podesta: Initial contact (15052)

WikiLeaks Email: Mitchell to Podesta Vatican Interests in ETI (12127)

WikiLeaks Email: Exoconsciousness (9566)

WikiLeaks Email: Skype Request with Podesta (6983)

Mitchell to Podesta WikiLeaks Email: ETIs, Zero-Point Energy

Mitchell to Podesta WikiLeaks Email: ETs & the Vatican

Tom Delonge to Podesta: WikiLeaks ET disclosure

Bill Cooper, Project Blue Beam, False Flag Alien Invasion 

The Disclosure Project

5 Facts about Edgar Mitchell

Edgar Mitchell dies at 85

John Podesta: I’ve Convinced Hillary Clinton to Declassify UFOs

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