What you Believe is WRONG!???

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 031:

wpid-wp-1450405404920.pngWhat happens when someone challenges your most cherished beliefs? How do you respond, and how do you feel? Sometimes, someone else’s belief system completely contradicts our own beliefs that we find the mere mention of it completely offensive. Sometimes, however, someones belief system presents information that challenges the credibility of our belief systems.

Depending on how strongly we hold onto our belief, we may experience cognitive dissonance – or rationalizing away the information that was presented in order to hold onto our own belief system. For example, if someone suffers from alcoholism, when told they are an alcoholic, they may rationalize that realization by saying they can stop whenever they want to. This allows them to continue their belief and deny the facts they are confronted with that challenge that belief.

In this podcast, I review my own personal experiences with cognitive dissonance as both the receiver of new information and the provider of new information. In addition, I review an article about the first legal ayahuasca retreat in the US.

Links Referenced

Cognitive Dissonance 

First Legal Ayahuasca Retreat to Open in the US

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