War For Your Mind – Fake News, Free Speech, & Intuition


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 074:

Eliminating fake news is code for an attack on free speech. Here’s what you need to know and what you can do…

war-for-mindMark Zuckerberg is working with China to develop an algorithm to restrict certain posts. The software will be given to a third party to unleash against the people, hence controlling what they see on their news feeds.

Will this software be deployed in the US? Is it already in use today? With calls by Google and Facebook to target “fake news” sites, is this really an attack on free speech?


Tensions continue to rise in North Dakota as water protectors hold the ground while being sprayed with frigid water and blasted with rubber bullets. Is America moving toward an Orwellian state?

The nation is tense, poised on fear at the moment. But there are alternatives. Facebook is not the only source of information, and neither is the Internet. In this podcast, we also explore the value and importance of intuition, the science behind it, and why you should be tuning into your inner voice.


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