Vaccines – What Do We Do???


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 085:

I am afraid for my children because I no longer know who to trust. I have lost all faith in our media and our agencies charged with our health and safety

I’m going to be quite clear with this podcast and posting. I do not know where to turn in regards to making choices to safely vaccinate my children. I have been trying to go through both “sides” of the vaccine argument and draw my own conclusions. I have reviewed studies, listened to “experts”, read blog posts, and basically driven myself insane trying to draw a conclusion. I am NOT telling people not to vaccinate their children. I AM advocating for a clearer explanation of what is safe and what is a danger. I AM encouraging all of us to do our own research.

I have no trust in the agencies charged with regulating our health. When the head of the CDC, responsible for telling us what is safe, then takes a position with the agency selling most of our vaccines that she previously said were safe – and she makes millions of dollars from those sales, I am incredibly skeptical. Are they imposing so many vaccines on our children because it is a necessary protection? Or are they pushing them on us to drive profits? (Sick kids = more hospital bills, more meds to sell…)

Corporations and governments have a long history of lying to their people. Many have been killed or injured because of corporate greed and government corruption. This alone does not mean that vaccines are not safe. But it makes it very hard to trust what these agencies are telling me because I am no longer confident that they are working to protect the health and welfare of my children. So what do we do?

What do we do???

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