UFOs in Turkey & the War in Space…


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 075:

Sightings of UFOs are on the rise, and the US Government is moving to weaponize space. Are we being told the whole truth?

Space image credit: Miriam Espacio

On November 27th, 2016, Twitters top trending tweet was #UFOAttackToTurkey. Multiple people reported strange sightings of lights in the skies, and took to social media to share photos, video, and Tweets. Unfortunately, shortly after this started to gain attention, Tweets, images, and videos began to disappear from the web. In addition, hoaxes started being posted under the same hashtag, making it even more difficult to research.

UPDATE: Please note that as this story developes, we will continue to investigate and update. Hoax claims for Turkey are currently being investigated.

But Turkey wasn’t the only place to report a UFO this week. A Canadian airline also reported a close-encounter with an unidentified flying object. Initially presumed to be a balloon or a UAV, it was later determined that neither was likely due to the altitude, shape, and distance from shore.


This week, Dr. Steven Grier also released a video with an urgent message. He explained that through his contacts, he has learned that elements of the government possess technology that account for many of the UFO sightings we have seen over the years. He further described technology in their possession that has the ability to manipulate human perceptions and memories to simulate an “alien” abduction. Grier warned that this element is planning a “false flag” or staged invasion, using all man-made equipment in order to “unite the world” under a single government. He also warned that this would have a significant impact on the population of the planet. The mind-manipulation technology seems to correlate with the patented technology covered on our mind-control technology podcast.

Sounds crazy, right? Before dismissing this, I invite you to review the articles and sources below to draw your own conclusions. Something is moving through our skies. Is it us? Is it them? Is it something else? Are we prepared to handle either?

Image: CNN Screenshot 11.29.16
Image: CNN Screenshot 11.29.16

Lastly, this week CNN reported on the US plan to weaponize space. They plan to build defensive and offensive weapons to protect satellites from our foreign adversaries. In addition, Russia announced plans to begin transporting supplies to the moon in order to build a moon base. No mention was made of UFOs or Extra Terrestrials, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t related…


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Space image credit: Miriam Espacio

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