Fun Fact: Why is TruthSeikers misspelled? Simple, in 2005, when TruthSeikers was initially founded as a Yahoo! group, the name with the correct spelling was already taken. We were already set our our name, so we simply modified the spelling to give us a unique flare!

Who Are We?

With so many challenges and hardships in the world today, and a constant flood of tragic stories on news feeds and social media, it is easy to feel as if the world is coming to an end and we are destined to live a lifetime of suffering. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There is more to our existence than we currently realize, and we are capable of an incredible array of life and beauty. Through science, ancient texts, and life experience, we know the evidence exists to realize our dream of a better way of life. TruthSeikers is dedicated to making that dream a reality. We aim to look deeper into not just the mysteries of life, but also the affect that such mysteries may have on the every-day aspects of our lives.

In 2005, TruthSeikers began as an online support group for people facing paranormal experiences. We have now joined Service of Change, as we understand that in order to bring about change, we need to first look within ourselves. This may require a deep-spiritual reflection, or an adjustment in our thinking about the world around us and our relationship to it. Today, we aim to provide a variety of resources to help bring understanding and change, and also continue to offer support to those in need.

Our Blog & Social Media

We conduct daily searches for interesting topics relating to a wide array of subjects considered “paranormal.” Our YouTube page has hundreds of fascinating videos and multiple playlists, and we post daily articles through our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Some of these topics are even covered on Service of Change’s weekly Changecast, a Podcast for Change. We are continually working on our blog and are always looking for personal accounts and people interested in writing for us. If you’d like to write for our blog, or be a guest on our Changecast, please complete the form below:

The Seiker Newsletter

The Seiker was a monthly newsletter created by Truthseikers in 2005. We are preparing for its re-release this February and have a goal of doing a free monthly newsletter sent right to your inbox! Readers can find a variety of topics, articles, video links and so much more. Subscribe today!

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The Archons

TruthSeiker Archon

Author Dennis Nappi II is currently conducting research and writing on a topic that reflects over 20 years of personal research and experience. Through an exploration of ancient texts and modern “paranormal” investigative techniques, Dennis explores the possibility that humanity may not be what we believe it to be. We may hold a role in the food chain that many of us have never imagined. This project guarantees to be a thought-provoking experience that may cause you to question everything you have come to believe about yourself and the world around you…

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