TRUMP, America, and YOU!


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 083:

The eyes of the world are fixed on Donald Trump – distracted from the source of true American power…

With just one week in office as President of the United States, Donald Trump has surely shaken things up. With executive orders changing policies, limiting immigration, and threatening to exit global organizations such as the U.N., this administration stands to be nothing short of world-changing.

As changes continue to manifest, a growing number of disgruntled Americans continue to take to the street in demonstrations of opposition to The Donald’s plans, tweets, and policies. But are these protests the most productive means to resist such changes?

In this podcast, we explore some of what has been proposed and discuss the real power of the American People. Organizations are lacking in focus and objective. We are beyond the stage of spreading awareness, and need to move into a state of action. Action not in the form of violence but in the form of well-planned changes in direction.

Stop and think. Stop sharing everything that makes you angry. Research. Plan. Network. Organize. Take Peaceful Action!

There is still time to manifest our own power as a People, but some fear that time may be running out quickly…

In this podcast, Dennis also shares a personal account from a listener in response to the podcast covering mind-control technology.

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