Treating Depression with Magic Mushrooms


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 098:

Psilocybin is showing incredibly promising results for anyone battling depression or anxiety whose current treatments aren’t working.

If you could take one pill that would significantly limit your symptoms of anxiety and depression, would you? Research now shows that patients in clinical trials who have taken just one dose of psilocybin have shown a clinically significant reduction in their symptoms of anxiety and depression. This reduction in symptoms has been shown to last up to 8 months! This study is promising, and could bring hope to anyone facing this disease. In addition, studies are underway offering similar results using ayahuasca to treat depression and anxiety.

It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Sometimes (not always), the cycle of depression, medication, and crisis seems never-ending, and the constant dose adjustments can be exhausting and dangerous. Psilocybin may offer a break in that vicious cycle. It may offer hope.

The shamans of indigenous cultures have an array of plants and herbs they use to treat their patients. In events of crisis or trauma, they often administer doses of psychoactive plants that give the patient a vision, dream, or mystical experience. It is through this experience that the patient finds a way to ground themselves. It offers a shift in consciousness, perception, or awareness that allows the body and mind to heal itself. Today, many have reported immediate lifestyle changes and ends to life-long addiction. Such experiences could be a major tool in the exhausting battle against depression, anxiety, and a wide-array of other challenges.

Image Credit: Anna Jouli

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