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The Seiker Podcast, Ep 109:

Our bodies are comprised of various systems, and those systems support one-another. When we are sick, if we think in terms of supporting the causing system instead of treating a single symptom, we can drastically improve our own health without the use of drugs…

In this podcast, we explore an overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how we can implement this approach to our own wellness care/health care in our own lives. We explore the 5 elements of Chinese medicine, the organs they represent, along with the Shen and Ko cycles and how they affect our health.

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Dennis walks us through some of the health issues he is facing and how he has implemented some simple practices of Chinese Medicine through an understanding of the relationship between the 5 elements. If we take more responsibility to learn about our bodies and how to maintain our health, we will find our lives drastically improving in a wide array of areas.

More Mind-Control Technology

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Recent studies have been released that have brought the mainstream one step closer to actual mind control. In a recent study, scientists have successfully implemented nanotechnology and magnetic fields to control the movements and behaviors of mice. In another study, we find that scientists have found a way to erase traumatic memories from our brains permanently. This is no longer the work of science fiction, and although these procedures may be designed with the best of intentions, we need to be cautious due to the extreme potential for abuse and misuse. In this podcast, we also explore possible counter-measures that may prevent us from becoming potential victims of this unwanted technology…

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