I Am Human & We Are Not Who We Think We Are, by Dennis Nappi II (c) 2015

I am still amazed at the doubt that exists in my mind. To this day, I question the validity of my experiences and first-hand accounts, even with the knowledge that other people whom I have never met share similar experiences and have drawn similar conclusions. Something is out there and it is using us to satisfy its cravings.

Since early childhood, I’ve had memories of waking in the night in a state of paralysis. My mind would be awake and alert, and at realizing my frozen condition, panic would set in. The more I squirmed, the tighter and more restricted my muscles would become. As my struggle ensued, I’d realize that I was not alone. Off to my side there would stand a figure hiding in the shadows, just at the edge of my periphery. It was a heavy presence that seemed to cause the air around me to press harder on my body. Fear would consume me, and I’d fight harder to break free, causing the tightness in my body to become so severe my breathing would grow labored. I’d force air in and out of my nose, trying to keep oxygen flowing to my lungs. Terrified, I’d sense this creature move toward me, when suddenly exhaustion would set in. I’d stop worrying about this presence and instantly drift peacefully to sleep as if nothing was there at all.

In my early twenties, I developed a habit of writing down everything I could remember about an experience immediately after it occurred. As so many other experiencers report, despite the power of these encounters, memory of them sometimes fades into the fog of nothingness. So I’ve kept my journals, and I am grateful for them. While reviewing my entries, I have noticed a recurring trend: Fear. It is a fear unlike anything I have ever experienced that seems to be induced within me by Them. It’s as if they want me afraid in order to harvest something from me. In one of my entries, I wrote that I thought “they were taking something from me, either energy or spirit.”

I kept this possibility to myself for the thought of my energy being harvested sounded insane. For the longest time, even people reporting abductions didn’t seem to give any indication of energy harvesting. But I had too many conscious experiences where I felt energy being taken from my chest as a product of the fear that I was feeling. It turns out, I was not alone in my sentiments after all.

In his final book, The Active Side of Infinity, author Carlos Castaneda tells of his discussion with Mexican shaman Don Juan Matus about a  predator that feeds on the energy of man:

They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.1

I came across Castenada’s book years after I drew my own conclusion about energy harvesting, shortly after the death of my father. Having drawn this conclusion prior to reading his book, I felt nauseous with fear at the possibility that my suspicions may in fact be true. More importantly, Castenada’s words almost identically mirrored the essay I wrote that sleepless night in July of 2009, right down to the chicken-coop metaphor. This “coincidence” corroborated and therefore lent credibility to my own intuition that I was experiencing a real event. Whatever afflicts us while we sleep is draining us of our very essence. Just as Morpheus demonstrated to Neo that he was nothing but a battery, we too are being used as a source of  energetic nourishment…

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