The SUN God – Affecting Your health and Behavior

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The Seiker Podcast, Ep 066:

There are unseen natural forces having a major impact on human health and human behavior 

sun-godStudies are showing that the Sun has a direct effect on human health and human behavior. As I continue to work on Food for the Archons, I am amazed at what I am finding that shows what was once considered esoteric or spiritual, then fringe, is now coming into the realm of science. Unseen forces are having a significant impact on human health and behavior to include Sudden Cardiac Death and increases in suicide. In this podcast, we review

  • Articles & journals reviewing research linking solar activity to human health

  • Articles & journals reviewing research linking suicide to solar activity

  • Suggestions on how to use this knowledge to improve human health

  • Connections between science and esoteric philosophies


Clinical Cosmobiology – Sudden Cardiac Death and Daily / Monthly Geomagnetic, Cosmic Ray and Solar Activity – the Baku Study (2003-2005)

The acute effects of exposure to the electromagnetic field emitted by mobile phones on human attention

Do ambient electromagnetic fields affect behavior?

The Impact of Solar Flares on Human Mood and Psyche

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