The Start of a New Year Brings an End to the Search for Bill

Bill was a loving father and husband who cared very much for his family…

It has been just over a month since Bill Schwenger left his home early in the morning on the day before Thanksgiving, and never returned. Since Bill’s disappearance, a community of family, friends, law enforcement, and supporters have launched a massive search throughout Bill’s neighborhood in an attempt to locate this loving husband, father, and grandfather. With the help of the internet and a Facebook page, Find Bill Schwenger, the word spread rapidly with more than 3,275 followers and supporters.

Concerned citizens, friends, and family spread the word through the internet and hung missing persons’ flyers throughout Bill’s neighborhood. Phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages reported possible sightings of Bill while police search and rescue K-9 units canvassed local wooded areas for clues.

Bill’s wife, Willie, worked tirelessly to provide the police with every piece of information possible in hopes it would lead them to her husband.  She opened her home and her life in her attempts to find Bill.  Bill’s son Phil investigated every lead that was given to him, sometimes running out late at night into the cold darkness to search an area in the woods where there was a potential sighting, or to run to a store before closing to try to review surveillance footage in hopes of finding his dad. His daughter Melisa searched, prayed, and coordinated efforts among volunteers, police, and her own family, in hopes of bringing her father home safely. Despite feeling lost and scared, Bill’s children exemplified strength and courage during one of their family’s darkest hours. They exemplified the strength of love between a father and his children, and demonstrated that they would stop at nothing to bring their father home.

On January 1st, 2014, Bill’s family heard a news broadcast they hoped would never manifest, but feared would one day emerge: An unidentified person’s body was found in the Delaware River in Marcus Hook, PA. Bill’s family immediately contacted the police and learned that the medical examiner was conducting an autopsy in order to positively identify this person. When the news finally came, the family learned that their father, grandfather, and husband, was gone. Bill has passed on from this life, and the search for him has ended.

Bill inspired a movement of people to care, and in support of his legacy of love they stood behind his family during a very difficult time.

Although the past month has been difficult and trying for those who care about Bill, let us not allow it to overshadow his legacy. Bill was a loving grandfather, father, and husband, who cared very much for his family. This February would have marked his 37th wedding anniversary with Willie.  He was supportive of his children, and very involved in their lives. He was a proud grandfather, and always looked forward to Wednesday night dinners with his grandchildren. He exemplified the strength and power of love, which was made quite clear through his children’s efforts to find him. This is his legacy: love and family. The power of Bill’s legacy spread quickly through the Internet, touched over 3,000 followers, and reached close to 100,000 people in a short amount of time. Many of these people were total strangers, but they were somehow affected by Bill’s disappearance. They shared countless stories of personal experiences or of loved one’s past who reminded them of Bill. Bill inspired a movement of people to care, and in support of his legacy of love they stood behind his family during a very difficult time.

To those who offered support, prayers, advice, and insight during this difficult time, Bill’s family is incredibly appreciative. You held onto hope, which is a powerful ally against despair. Your generous donations have helped Bill’s wife make ends meet since she suddenly lost Bill’s income. Unfortunately, Bill’s death is not covered by life insurance. His family wants to give him the burial their loving father, grandfather, and husband deserves.

If you would like to support Bill’s family and make a contribution, please do so HERE and help Bill’s family lay this loving man to rest. Your support, prayers, and thoughts are greatly appreciated during this difficult time.

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