The Orlando Shooting – Peeling Back the Veil

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 053:

wp-1466131447076.pngThe recent shootings in Orlando, Florida serve as a tragic reminder of the times that we live in. But what exactly does that mean? Have we now entered a time that the random killings of innocent civilians is becoming the norm? Or have these acts plagued society for much longer than we realize?

In stepping back, we can notice a pattern that goes beyond the Orlando shooting and flows through every terrorist event in recent history. The event happens, the media floods the airwaves and fear is spread. Anger festers, more fear broods, and tension builds as the event unfolds. Body counts continue to be released, building more tension and fear as they search for shooters and terrorists. The world is poised on every update. After the situation is resolved, the conspiracy theories come out. The Facebook debates begin, and the Monday-morning quarter backs start their analysis.

Why??? To spread fear. To increase the tension and sadness. To maximize the human energetic output that can now be measured. Time and again, we fall victim to this cycle, and until we recognize this cycle for what it is, events like this will continue to happen. No law, now defensive force, and no war is going to end violent acts of this nature. We need to do something differently. This podcast covers some powerful alternatives that have the power to change everything.

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