The Origin of Alien Abductions: Interview with a Contactee

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 060:

A first-hand account from a contactee! “They’re not what you think they are…”

Alien Abduction OriginsIn this podcast, Joe shares his experiences with his nighttime visitors. Referred to by some as an alien abduction, this contactee has a different understanding of who they are, where they come from, and what they want with us. During this discussion, Joe describes his experiences and the information he has learned from his encounters.

  • The possible time-travel connection between these visitors, the abduction experience, and the “aliens.”

  • The identity of these beings, and the technology they use to communicate with their subjects (the abductees).

  • The real reason behind “Anal Probing.”

  • The future of humanity, and the significance of our past in relation to the abduction experience.

  • The Nazi’s interest in this technology and the lost continent of Atlantis.

Links Referenced

I Am Human & We Are Not Who We Think We Are

Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber (31-Dec-1987) Mass Market Paperback

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