The New American Revolution: BlackLives, BlueLives, AllLives

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 057:

American RevolutionIt seems that whenever we turn on the news or log into social media, we see a story of either a police officer being killed, or a video of a black citizen being violently detained by a cop. #BlackLivesMatter protests are blocking streets. #BlueLivesMatter supporters are screaming in defense of law enforcement. #AllLivesMatter followers are screaming at everyone to just simply get along. Sides have been chosen, and battle plans have been drawn.

However, from this violence comes some peaceful solutions. Snoop Dogg encouraged (and held) dialogue with local law enforcement to find peace. Local #BlackLivesMatter supporters have been hosting cookouts and inviting police officers to attend. Peace is happening – yet these stories do not receive the same attention as the violent outbursts. Learning to work together and having an open dialogue is the only way to move forward in this. Violence will only bring more violence from every side. Spreading fear will only bring more defensiveness when we need openness. We can all learn to work together, and we can stop this revolution of violence and turn it into a revolution of peace. The power, however, rests with you.

Stop watching the news and being fed information. Be a smart consumer. Read multiple sides, evaluate, think for yourself and make sound decisions. We can do better. We can find peace!

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