The Milgram Experiment

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 040:

wp-1457055587691.pngIn 1961, Stanley Milgrim conducted an experiment that exposed a scary truth about human behavior and obedience. In a controlled environment, Milgrams study showed that the average person would inflict harm on innocent people if ordered to do so by authority.

In the study, participants (teachers) administered electric shocks to another participant  (learners), whenever the learner provided an incorrect answer. The shock started at 15 volts and increased up to 450 volts (deadly). The “learner,” was actually a part of the experiment, and not receiving any shocks, unbeknownst to the teacher. According to the study, 65% of all participants administered the full 450 volts, despite the pleas of the “learner” for them to stop. The study also showed that all of the participants administered up to at least 300 volts.

What does this say about human behavior? The study states that most people will follow authority, even if it goes against their moral compass. As I’ve been saying in my upcoming Food For The Archons,the world was either designed or manipulated to generate suffering. The fact that the majority of people are willing to kill an innocent person simply to please an authority figure fits that possibility that we are being manipulated. We are being harvested. The question is, What would you do???

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The Milgram Experiment

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