The Mandela Effect

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 045:

wp-1460680459343.pngNelson Mandela was freed from captivity in the 90s and went on to become the President of South Africa… Or did he? According to the memories of some, Mandela was killed in captivity sometime in the 1980s. People swear by it, and are surprised to learn that their memory of his death is false.

But it doesn’t stop with Mandela. Lines and titles from movies, names of people, and other minor details have all been reported as “different,” compared to the memories of some. Are they confuse? Have they generated false memories? Or is there something more to this?

In this podcast, I explore the Mandela Effect, which identifies these false memories as clues of a much different timeline. They suggest that something was altered in the past, which changed the future (our present) and only a few can remember parts of the original timeline.

Before dismissing such a concept, there is corroborating evidence as I’ve discussed in previous podcasts. Many dots are connected in this one, yet the rabbit hole continues to go deeper. This reality we are experiencing is indeed very strange. Listen to this one, and take the test to see if your memories were a part of the original timeline, or one that has since been altered…

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