The Cancer Revolution


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 082:

There are cures for cancer that have been hidden from the world…

Research Bought to Kill Natural Medicine

In 1910, the Carnegie foundation paid Abraham Flexner to evaluate medical training institutions in America. The report, known as the Flexner Report, identified medical schools teaching doctors to treat with natural substances, as inefficient. According to the interviews in The Truth About Cancer documentary, this report ultimately lead to the closure of these natural schools leaving pharmaceutical-based medicine as the primary medical education schooling in America. The Carnegie & Rockefeller foundations had financial interests in pharmaceuticals, and therefore forever changed the content of medical teachings to promote the use of chemical drugs to treat diseases.

In the years the followed, this growing industry began to persecute, discredit, and eliminate natural medicine doctors and practices. Cures were repressed, and those educated in curing methods were discredited and harassed.

The documentary series, The Truth About Cancer, details this history, and reviews multiple studies and testimonials about the multiple cures available to treat cancer that are being kept from the public.

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