The Anunnaki: Gods, Scientists, and Rulers – with Ray Davis

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 038:

wp-1455240981571.pngLast week, Author Ray Davis discussed the discovery of Planet 9 in our solar system. He also reviewed many of the myths, findings, and conspiracies that surround Planet X and Nibiru.

As a follow up to last weeks discussion, this week Ray talks about the Anunnaki and their possible involvement in human evolution. He explores the question of: “what if they never left?” This is a stimulating conversation that will leave you wondering about the origins of our own history and what impact they have on us today.

Connect with Ray below and find a great place for insightful discussions and more information on his upcoming book

(Part 2) Anunnaki Awakening: Revolution.

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Anunnaki Awakening Trilogy

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