Thanksgiving, Black Friday, & Small Changes.


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Joel and Dennis pre-recorded this Changecast so listeners can enjoy the show over the Thanksgiving holiday. The discuss the ethics of opening stores on Thanksgiving. They explore the affect this has on families, particularly single-parent families. They also demonstrate true professionalism as they work through a few technical difficulties to include a spilled glass of water and a disconnection from the Internet (possibly through Big Brother). After providing tips and strategies on ways to stay safe on Black Friday, Joel & Dennis share what they are most thankful for.


Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of Joel and Dennis, please have a happy, safe, and healthy Thanksgiving holiday. Dennis is also offering $5.00 off of his book for listeners now through Cyber Monday. If you’re a veteran, police officer, teacher, or a family member who loves one, this book is an excellent gift. Just click the image and enter discount code: BD2TSSHT