Terrorism, Intentional Peace, & Home Remedies

The Seiker Podcast, Ep 13

The recent Chatanooga Shooting has left us once again feeling vulnerable and afraid. Many are calling for citizens and home-bound members of the military to arm themselves and be constantly ready. Although this is a natural self-defense mechanism, is it the best option? By preparing for war, are we perpetuating it? Dennis reviews a study that shows how meditation can cause peace. Sound too New-Agey? It may be more of a science. You decide.

Dennis also discusses his experiences with natural, herbal medicines and the importance of learning these simple treatments. Such knowledge could change the world and save people’s lives. As consumers we have power, and obtaining this knowledge is one way to exercise such power and make a difference. Dennis encourages listeners to share their own experiences with home remedies on our social-media feeds. What have you tried?