Stranger Things – 4 “Things” that are actually REAL!

Image Credit: 2016 Netflix
2016 Netflix

Stranger Things – More Fact than Fiction…

If you’re a fan of the popular Stranger Things series on Netflix, you most likely spent 1 to 4 days binge watching the sci-fi drama unfold recently. But is this exciting tale simply the imagination of some crazy science-fiction writer, or are there nuggets of truth hidden within these episodes?

If you have not watched the show yet – there may be some spoilers below, so read at your own risk!

1. Parallel Worlds Actually Exist

As the boys searched for Will with the guidance of their psychic friend Eleven, they learned he was trapped in a parallel world. The “Upside Down,” a world that was eerily similar, almost identical to their world, but much darker and populated with monsters.

There are several theories out there that suggest we may be living in a parallel world or a computer simulation that generates multiple realities, each slightly different from the next. Author Phillip K. Dick suggested we were living in a computer simulation, and a NASA Scientist stated “we may be living in a Matrix-like digital imprisonment designed by aliens.” Another document reports that a Cal-Tech scientist may have discovered proof of a parallel universe.

The list goes on with credible researchers and strong evidence that there may be other worlds – an existence of the upside down, just beyond our perception. The question is, can the monsters come through?

You can find more information and relevant links here: Proof of Parallel Worlds.

2. Telepathy is REAL!

Stranger Things - Eleven
2016 Netflix

I think we can all agree that the “Stranger Things” El was able to do with her mind were pretty awesome. Whether she was freezing people in time, snapping the bad men’s necks, or making remote contact with people extremely far away, she definitely had some pretty incredible super powers.

The ability to read someone’s mind may not be as far-fetched as we think. With proven studies from the Farsight Institute, remote viewers have shown they can view events in any time, location (or universe). They are able to measure the accuracy of those events, and the results may surprise you.

The Institute of HeartMath has done some fascinating research into what they call Social Coherence, which basically demonstrates that the human heart generates an electromagnetic field. That field carries emotional data and fills an electromagnetic field that is all around us. The Earth and Sun also have their own fields, which interact with our own.

The Institute also discovered that not only are we contributing to the field, but we are also receivers of data and information from the field. Ultimately, we can perceive the emotions and feelings of others. In addition, we can control our output to influence the emotions and feelings of those around us.

You can learn more about all of this by listening to the Social Coherence podcast and the Maharishi Effect podcast.

3. MK Ultra & Mind Control  – a True Story!

As the good Sheriff was searching for Will, he came across a news article that flashed a headline “MK Ultra.” Later in the Stranger Things series, they again made mention of it. MK Ultra is a documented program run by the CIA in their attempt to develop mind control techniques on inmates, volunteers, and unknowing victims.

In addition, mind control exists in nature! There are countless parasites who infect their hosts and cause them to change their behavior in multiple strange, and often terrifying ways. A wasp performs brain surgery on a cockroach and removes its will to resist, so it will follow her to an underground nest where here larva will eat the roach alive from the inside.

Fungi infect ants, causing them to climb to the top of a branch and stand motionless until they die so the spores can burst through their head, fall to the ground, and infect other ants. And humans are not immune!

In the book I am currently writing, I am exploring evidence that an energetic parasite, possibly from the “Upside Down,” manipulates human behavior to induce suffering and sadness as a form of energetic nourishment. You can hear more about parasitic mind control in this podcast: Mind Control: Parasites & Human Behavior and Sleep Paralysis, Shadow Figures, Archons & Human Parasites 

4. Monsters are REAL!

For some of us, Stranger Things has reminded us of something we knew as children, but forgot as we grew older. Sometimes things do go bump in the night. Sometimes there really are monsters hiding in our closets.

In his book Communion: A True Story, Whitley Strieber discussed his late-night abduction by small, insect-looking beings with bulbous heads and large eyes for torturous experiments. Karla Turner recounts her encounters with similar beings in her books, to include Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction AgendaAnd Graham Hancock does an incredible job of compiling evidence dating back to ancient cave paintings through modern day showing that accounts of monsters abducting people in the night goes back thousands of years in his book Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.

You can hear more about these monsters and many more in the following podcasts: Energy Vampires – The Hidden Parasite, Are there Aliens Among Us, and The Truth About Aliens.

What do YOU Think?

Are the writers of Stranger Things trying to tell us something? Or are they simply trying to scare us? If there are any other real events that I missed in this article, I’d love to hear about it! Comment below or send me an email. And don’t forget to sign up for The Seiker Newsletter!


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