State of the Union – The Key to Solving this Political Chaos – It’s not what you think!

State of the Union

Politics, republicans, democrats, libertarians, Hillary, The Donald, Sanders! Racism. War. Police State. #BlackLivesMatter! #BlueLivesMatter! #AllLivesMatter!!!

STOP! The drama and arguing is maddening. We live in a broken and corrupt political system, and this broken system is forcing us to divide ourselves even further. Whether we are democratic or republican, fans of Hillary or fans of Trump, we are failing to see the bigger picture. We are being manipulated through this broken political system to choose the lesser of two evils. We know it’s broken, yet continue to play the game.

It is time to look beyond what is given to us. In this podcast, I explore what is happening, how we are being manipulated, and even shed some emotional anger. But there are solutions and alternatives which I explore in this podcast. There are things we can do, free from drama and violence, that can drastically improve our quality of life away from the democratic and republican Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton reality show.

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