Space & Robots! The Future is NOW!!!


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 095:

We are witnessing major technological changes in our lives. But will they ultimately be for our benefit???

China has recently made announcements to build a colony on the moon. Robot “dogs’ are being tested in home environments. Artificial wombs have been created to grow humans, computers are close to reading and deleting human thought, and software can now copy and mimic anyone’s voice with just a minute of listening. Are we witnessing the birth of Skynet? Is this the birth of a race of machines that will eventually overtake the planet? Or are we seeing the advancements in technology that will enhance and benefit mankind? It’s a fine line we are walking, and as consumers, we have the power to dictate the direction of this journey. To top things off, this past week a 21 foot asteroid came within a third the distance of Earth to the Moon – a near miss, and it wasn’t detected until hours before, and a Penn State astrophysicist suggests aliens may have existed in our solar system long before humans!

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Aliens May have Existed in our Solar System

Astroid Spotted Mere Hours before Nearly Missing Earth

Eerie Tech to Copy Anyone’s Voice from just One Minute of Audio

Scientists Create Artificial Womb that Could Save Premature Babies

Boston Dynamic’s Robot Dog

New Computers Could Delete Thoughts

Computers Read Minds of Locked in Patients

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