Small Acts Have Large Impacts

At times I find it difficult to stay focused on the positive.  I find myself getting lost and consumed in the hardships, violence, and corruption that seem to flood our media and surrounding environments.  But I am trying my best to find inspirational stories to share with all of you.  Over the years, I have learned that change is possible.  I have also learned that the human spirit is capable of incredible beauty and acts of kindness.  Please take three minutes and watch the video below.  It was shown to me by a colleague and has never left me.  It describes the powerful impact a 19 year old young man with downs syndrome had on his grocery store.  He completely changed the culture of his store and community with such a simple act inspired by caring and kindness.  We don’t know how far the impacts our small acts will spread, but they will make a difference.  They could change the world.  I wish we could all be more like Johnny.  What is stopping us?  I encourage everyone to share this video and start to bring about small changes that very well could have large impacts.