Can We Attend School While We Sleep? – An inquiry into out of body experiences.

The Question:

201501071027Throughout my life, I’ve felt driven to understand my own existence. I’ve struggled with the age-old questions of:

“Who are we?”

“Where did we come from?”

“Where are we going?”

I’ve read countless books, logged hours of YouTube time, held deep discussions, and meditated intensely trying to understand this existence we call life. Through the course of my investigation, I’ve come across several authors who have referenced attendance at The Monroe Institute. Founded by Robert Monroethe institute conducts research and training classes in altered states of consciousness.


In 1958, Robert Monroe discovered something incredible: that he could leave his physical body to explore the world around him with conscious control. He coined the term “out of body experience,” or OOBE. Through his research, he developed a technology to aid people in successfully leaving their bodies through the use of binaural beats; slightly different frequencies played into each ear causing both the left and right hemispheres of the brain to resonate at a particular frequency.

His first book, Journey’s Outside the Bodydiscusses his experiences with OOBEs. His second book, Far Journey’sis a fascinating account of what Monroe had done since the release of his first book. It details his exploration into human consciousness, the surrounding universe, and his encounters with non-human entities. I have just finished reading this book, and it is one of the most powerful things I have ever come across. So much of the confusing data I’ve found and strange experiences I’ve had over the years seemed to make sense after I read this book.

Sleeper’s School

As I reflect on Far Journeys, I am reminded of when my son was born. I remember watching him sleep as an infant. He’d lay there peacefully and, while sleeping, his face would go through every expression imaginable. He’d smile, frown, laugh, and cry. I remember noting he was laughing in his sleep before he learned to laugh while awake. As he grew older, some mornings he would wake up and it would seem as if his vocabulary had doubled. I often joked with my wife that he was downloading information or getting upgrades as he slept, and although said in jest, I often wondered if humans did obtain information as they slept. After reading Far Journey’s, I am convinced that is exactly what was happening.

During one of his journey’s, Monroe encounters a being overseeing a “crowd of gray forms.” Monroe describes “crowd” as “so many they seemed to fade into the distance.” The being approached Monroe and told him he was at “Sleepers Class.”

“Sleeper’s classes,” Monroe writes, are “attended by countless humans during a portion of their deep sleep, during the sleeping out of the body period.”

My jaw dropped when I read that section. I read it three times over just to be sure I wasn’t misunderstanding.  We leave our bodies when we sleep and attend some type of “class.”

What are we being taught?

Is this class beneficial for our evolution and the human condition?

So many questions raced through my mind. As I thought about this Sleeper’s Class, I remembered reading a book by Whitley Strieber titled The Secret School: Preparation for Contact. It was an account of Strieber’s repressed childhood memories of being taken in the night by strange, non-human visitors. Strieber referred to these trips as “school,” because of the things he was learning.

Is it possible? Were non-human beings really taking Strieber and countless other children to some type of school while they slept? Is this the same school Monroe referred to as Sleeper’s Class? Does this explain the wide array of expressions seemingly downloaded onto my son’s face while he slept? In looking at our current and accepted world view, it is easy to dismiss such a possibility as lunacy and pseudo-science. But I challenge you to open up just a little. Read about the Monroe institute and their verified tested and repeated methods. Read the accounts of Strieber and then ask yourself: “What if?”


It is this very subject that has kept me awake on many nights, and consumed my thoughts during my waking moments. It is this subject that overwhelmed me when I watched my father slowly pass as he lost his battle to cancer. It is this subject, above all others, that I believe can offer hope and enlightenment to the darkened chaotic and violent world we call home.

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