Salad in a Jar (SIAJ)

Salad in a Jar (SIAJ)
Erica Griffel & Jessica Donegan


The Latest Healthy Lunch Craze

How many times have you found yourself eating an unhealthy lunch because you rushed out the door without time to prepare a healthier option? How much money have you spent on take-out or a quick slice of pizza? Salad in a Jar, SIAJ, not only saves you money and time, it boosts your energy levels with power foods.


How To Get Going

siaj2Getting started requires only a few materials. Wide mouth, quart sized mason jars seem to work best for SIAJ. This size allows for the perfect sized lunch, so there is no risk of over (or under) eating. Once you have your jars, we recommend at least five, you’re ready to prepare your meals. The trick to the perfect SIAJ is the way you layer.  Your salad dressing should cover the bottom, approximately 2-3 tablespoons. Then, hard vegetables (cucumber, peppers, red onion), beans and vegetables (mushrooms, corn, sprouts), pastas and grains (tortellini, couscous, cooked rice, quinoa), proteins and cheeses (tuna, egg, chicken, feta cheese, shredded cheese),  finally, lettuce, nuts, and seeds. It is important to add ingredients that could wilt or become soggy on the top.

Does it really work?

Salads will last up to five days in a tightly sealed mason jar if layered properly. Just think, after some prep on Sunday, lunches are done for the week.  When it’s time for lunch, shake your SIAJ, or flip it over for a few minutes to allow the dressing to disperse, pop off the top, and pour your healthy lunch onto your favorite plate (or bowl).

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