School Violence: Teachers, Are You Preapared?

Vol 2 Cover 5Violence is the New Norm

One doesn’t have to look very hard to find a video, article, or first-hand account of violent encounters in the classroom. In some of today’s classrooms, violence seems to be a regular part of the curriculum. Teachers not only have to worry about student on student violence, but they also face student violence directed at the teachers themselves.

No Time to Prepare

With such an emphasis on state tests, growing class sizes, and increased pressure from administration to track student data, there is little, if any, time left over for teachers to receive training in violence-intervention procedures.

Personal Experience

I have witnessed horrible acts of violence in the classroom, and have also been denied requests for training on how to properly handle violent outbursts. As a former soldier and police officer, and now an author and publisher, I felt obligated to compile a guide with advice, recommendations, and procedures for teachers on how to address, prepare for, and hopefully prevent violence in the classroom. This guide takes Volume 1 of the Urban Educator’s Survival Guide to the next level.

Learn How to Respond to Violence

Volume 2 of The Urban Educator’s Survival Guide: School Teachers in Violent Classrooms, walks teachers trough everything from creating a violence-intervention plan, to training staff and students, to safely intervening and then properly documenting an incident. The final chapter of the guide even offers suggestions and procedures on how to prepare for an active-shooter situation.

At just $0.99 for Kindle purchases, and $5.99 for paperback, this guide is essential for any teacher interested in ensuring a safe learning environment for both students and teachers. As my defensive tactics instructors used to tell me: “In a crisis situation, you fall back on your highest level of training.” The question is, how prepared are you?