Reincarnation – A Spiritual Trap?


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 078:

Some have warned us to stay away from the light – that it may be a trap, keeping us in an endless cycle of suffering and slavery…

reincarnationIn this podcast we explore the possibility of reincarnation, and discuss the account of James Leininger, a young boy believed to be the reincarnation of WWII fighter pilot, James Hutson Jr. Leininger started sharing memories at a very young age that he had no way of knowing. He recounted crashing in a fighter plane. He recalled names, and places he had never been before. Upon investigation, Leinger’s parents were able to identify Hutson’s platoon. When Leinger met some of the surviving members, he was able to identify them by name! He later met Hutson’s surviving sister, and demonstrated knowledge that only Hutson and his sister shared!

Bruce Leininger, James’ father, wrote “Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot,” which details this fascinating account even further.

Beautiful Journey or Spiritual Trap?

Based on the above-account, a strong argument is made as to the possibility of reincarnation. But what is the purpose? Is this a good thing for us? Some argue that reincarnation is actually a trap, keeping humanity in a slave-like state, wiping us of our memories when we enter the light, forcing us back into the hardship of life on Earth. This possibility does correlate with Gnostic teachings, in that the Archons, a spiritual parasite, has held mankind hostage in order to extract emotional energy from humanity as a form of nourishment. As wild a statement as this sounds, there is compelling evidence that suggests this may be possible.

Storyteller/speaker Robert Morning Sky shares a fascinating creation myth and warns of the light. He states the light is a trap, and will erase people’s memories, forcing them to return to the planet for another lifetime.

Spiritual Power & Strength

Carlos Castenada shares the teachings of Don Juan, a Mexican Shaman, who explained that the job of the Shaman was to train and prepare for death. The goal was to maintain their individuality and not be trapped after death. Was he aware of the dangers of the light? In addition, Bob Monroe recalls in “Ultimate Journey” that during many of his journeys, recently passed-souls would often disappear, which he attributes to being absorbed into the belief system. Monroe said that our beliefs will dictate where we go once we die. Is this another form of control or limit on our potential?

Do your research, reach your own conclusions, and please share your findings! Together, we have the ability to better understand our existence in this incarnation.

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