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The Seiker Podcast, Ep 111:

Once the storms clear and we begin the rebuilding process, we should consider building homes that are better designed to withstand the impact of such storms. We should rebuild our infrastructure to better absorb the energy of nature’s power instead of trying to stop or slow it in its tracks.

The Monolithic dome house is a beautiful, solid, durable structure designed to withstand natural disasters to include hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and fire. The homes require approximately 50% less energy consumption to heat and cool, and dare rated to last much longer than current homes. Imagine if all homes were rebuilt using this design. The rebuilding process after a terrible storm would be much different, the loss of life lower, and the cost to the tax payer significantly reduced. This is an investment worth making that would have a ripple affect of change throughout the world.

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6 Sense Media

Free eBook!Dennis & Author Ray Davis are the founders of 6 Sense Media, a newly launched platform for truth seekers. In this podcast, Dennis and Ray discuss their unique approach and perspective in reporting the worlds events, taking into consideration some things most mainstream organizations ignore, with an approach that does not involve instilling the emotions of fear and anger in listeners and readers.

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6SM Mission Statement

“6 Sense Media aims to better ourselves, better each other, and better the world through an open-minded media platform for truth seekers, researchers, and pioneers in pursuit of knowledge and truth. We move beyond the scope of traditional media reporting and also incorporate the data obtained through 6th sense intuitive processes in our overall dissemination of information. We will not shy away from a story because it is unpopular and will boldly cover and promote accounts of a paranormal or supernatural nature.

We will try to find practical and applicable solutions to the problems we uncover. We will not use fear or pressure to promote our findings, but instead will rely on honest, factual-based reporting in search of hope, peace, liberty, and happiness with the objective of enhancing the lives of those whom we come into contact.”

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