PTSD, Addiction, & Hope

PTSD, Addiction, & HopeOvercoming Hardship

John is a helper who has faced many of his own demons throughout his journey. After growing up in a broken home, John turned to heroin and eventually enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. His withdraw from heroin started on his first day of boot camp at Paris Island, which he describes as “Hell on Earth.”

Hope and support is what saved my life…”

John tells a story of inspiration and hope, sharing a personal account of his challenges with PTSD and a relapse to drug addiction after two combat tours in Iraq. John has since earned his Bachelor’s degree and is working toward his masters in Psychology. He is currently employed with a well-known psychiatric facility where he works to help people facing similar challenges.

Getting Help

John serves as an example that these challenges can be overcome. Hold onto hope, and rely on available support networks. For people and family members facing similar hardships in the Philadelphia area, John recommends contacting the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services where they have a wealth of resources for people and family members of people facing a wide array of mental health difficulties.

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