In the Works…

This page is dedicated to our upcoming projects; books currently in the works that are well worth your attention. Click a link and sign up for a mailing list to get updates, promotional information, and release dates!


The Art of Service: A Collection of Haiku PoemsExplore th Grey

by Lori Latimer

This collection of inspirational Haiku poems is in the final review process. It is a beautiful read that offers daily inspiration and insight, 17 syllables at a time. For more information, click HERE.

Realease Date: Spring 2015



Ethan’s Book: A Journey of Special Needs & Anti-BullyingEthan Graduation

by Ethan Fraterman

Ethan Fraterman just turned 20 and is writing his first book. Having grown up with special needs, Ethan faced many challenges in life, to include bullying. But his story is one of hope and inspiration as Ethan has a very special message to share. This project is in its editing stage and will prove to be a powerful insight into one young man’s journey that has the potential to inspire everyone. For more information on Ethan’s book and his journey, visit his blog HERE.

Release Date: TBD

Dennis Nappi II’s next book: The Archons

by Dennis Nappi IITruthSeiker Archon

Dennis is currently conducting research and writing on a topic that reflects over 20 years of personal research and experience. Through an exploration of ancient texts and modern “paranormal” investigative techniques, Dennis explores the possibility that humanity may not be what we believe it to be. We may hold a role in the food chain that many of us have never imagined. This project guarantees to be a thought-provoking experience that may cause you to question everything you have come to believe about yourself and the world around you…

For more information, click HERE.

Release Date: TBD