Preventing War with Meditation


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 093:

We have the power to change the future at our fingertips, yet we continue to allow ourselves to be distracted…

In the 1970s, through the use of Transcendental Meditation, it was observed that only a small percentage of meditators were needed to impact peace on a larger area. Correlations between meditation and reductions in violence and theft have been observed. Imagine if the entire world utilized this strategy to promote peace? Currently, the Nepalese Military is preparing for such a strategy, with the goal of preventing future conflicts through Transcendental Meditation.

Image Credit: Blake Lisk

Consciousness Impacts Reality

It is becoming more apparent that consciousness has an impact on reality, and on the physical world. As humans, we may hold the key to shaping our future through our conscious perceptions and intentions, yet we continually move toward war and violence. Could this deeply hidden human power be known to those in power, and is it being used against us? Could this be the reason we are continually fed fearful stories and negative news? Maybe we are being manipulated to bring about this negative, war-filled reality. What would happen if we suddenly stopped consuming such stories and began to write our own narratives? The possibilities may surprise you. This podcast makes a powerful argument that our own intentions may be all that is needed to prevent us from entering yet another war.

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