Post-Election Feelings – Freedom, Responsibility, & Your Voices Heard


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 073:

With freedom comes the responsibility or respecting the rights of others, even if we disagree with their own expression of those rights…

freedomWe are still processing the recent election of Donald Trump as President. Feelings are raw, protests are filling the streets, and arguments continue to rip through communities – especially on social media.

We have the UN Observers in North Dakota, and Google & Facebook planning to target “fake news” sites. It seems we still have several obstacles to get through before we can find peace.


This podcast shares the thoughts and feelings of listeners in hopes of spreading understanding over fear, and building bridges through the division. We can move through this challenge within our nation together, and emerge stronger, united, and wiser. But we first need to listen to understand.


Is a Bad Mood Contagious? 

Google, Facebook, Move to Restrict Ads on Fake News Sites

How Teens in the Balkans are Duping Trump Supporters with Fake News

UN – Native Americans Facing Excessive Force

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