Plants That can TALK to People!!! This Changes Everything

BPlantsecause they do not scream, does that mean they don’t feel pain or sorrow?”

A Message from Above? 

Several years ago I was lying in bed facing an incredibly restless evening. Sleep was evading me as a thought was running through my entire body. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so at 2:00 am, I stepped out of bed shaking with adrenaline as I ran to my desk to start writing.  Over the next half hour, what transcribed was a 5 page essay describing humanity, our relationship to nature, and our place in the universal food chain. I titled the essay “I Am Human.” Although I comprehended everything I wrote, I didn’t fully understand the weight of those words or how valuable they’d be for me throughout my life.

Since writing my essay over 7 years ago, I have often reviewed it when experiencing a spiritual milestone. It amazes me how certain aspects of this essay resonate within me whenever I learn something new. I continually expect to review this work and find that my opinions have changed, however, over time I find that my initial opinions have only grown in strength.

Is Nature Conscious?

100_0208The quote at the beginning of this article is taken from my essay. It was in reference to our (humanity’s) understanding of nature and our relationship to it. I discussed the fact that no matter how peaceful we think we are, in order for us to survive we must eat, and in order to eat we must kill or at least support the action. I then inferred that some people choose not to eat meat and stated, in regards to the plants they eat: “Because they do not scream, does that mean they don’t feel pain or sorrow?” My statement implied that plants may have some type of emotional response or consciousness that we are simply not aware of. At the time, I thought my statement was simply a philosophical and thought-provoking idea. It turns out, however, that it may have been something much more.

Lately, I have felt drawn to nature and to plants. I have been doing a lot of reading about the healing properties of many plants and taken a great interest in learning all I can. The other day I came across a video called The Secret Life of Plants. I watched in amazement as the people in this video explained their scientific research and findings:

In 1966, FBI polygraph technician Cleve Backster connected one of his plants to a polygraph machine. While connected to the machine, Cleve intended to burn one of its leaves to see if the plant would have a reaction that would register on the polygraph machine. Cleve stated that as he thought about burning the leaf, the needles on the machine started registering a response! The implication was that the plant was reading Cleve’s thoughts and the polygraph was measuring its reaction. Since his discovery, this experiment has been replicated and expanded. Researchers have connected plants to synthesizers and recorded beautiful sounds created entirely by the plants. They have mimicked humans singing and developed melodies of their own. The research is astoundingly fascinating and has even been replicated by the popular MythBusters on the Discovery Channel. In their experiment, they connected the plant to a polygraph and visualized setting the plant on fire.  Once again, the needles registered a significant and immediate reaction in the plant!

What Does it All Mean?

100_0203From what I am seeing, at a bare minimum it shows that there is a communication that takes place between all forms of life on an energetic level that most humans are simply not aware of. I’d like to think that this communication is conscious and that nature is always speaking to us even though we have forgotten how to listen. But I do understand the possibility exists that this communication is simply a reaction between electrical and magnetic signals interacting between all forms of life on this planet.  Regardless, it seems apparent that plants are able to understand the patterns of negative human thought directed against them. I know there is much more research on this topic, but I have not yet had an opportunity to review it yet. Regardless, I find this discovery fascinating and believe that this information could (or at least should) change the way we interact with the natural world around us. Our environment is alive and filled with life. Let us take the time to not only stop and smell the roses, but to consider listening to what they may have to say.

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I have compiled several videos related to this topic, and I highly recommend you take some time to review them. It may just change your perception of nature, and your relationship to her.

A New BookArchon

My essay,#IAmHuman, is the inspiration for my current writing project about our energetic relationship to the universe and the possibility that we may hold a role in the food chain we are not aware of. More information about this project can be found HERE.

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The Secret Life of Plants