Pizza, Politics, & Antarctica’s Atlantis


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 088:

What does it all mean???

Image by Alex Ruben (this is not Antartica)

In December of 2016, author and researcher David Wilcock released an incredible story to the world, connecting the recent American political turmoil to a network of a ruling elite class, paedophilia, and the alleged discovery of ancient ruins in Antartica.

In a 2-part series titled Endgame, Wilcock tells a captivating story that reads more like a sci-fi spy novel than current events. However, Wilcock is claiming to have connections and sources to the US intelligence community who have been feeding him information in order to release it to the world in a controlled fashion in order to counteract the agenda of the outgoing elitist mafia.  

The Evidence

What’s interesting about these outrageous claims, is that Wilcock has obviously done his homework. Known popularly as PizzaGate, Wilcock explains the evidence surrounding the WikiLeakes documents from John Podesta’s email account. These emails, and the analysis that accompanied them, paints a terrifyingly dark picture of political figures (among others) involved in a large, extremely secretive network of child sex-trafficking.

The Election

Wilcock claims that this information was given to WikiLeaks not by Russian hackers, but by members of the US intelligence community who were fed up with the Clinton machine and ready for a change. Referring to them as the Alliance, Wilcock describes the plan that was set in motion during the election campaign to remove the Clinton Mafia from politics and place Trump into office. According to Wilcock, the plan obviously worked.

The Cabal’s Next Move

Wilcock explains that the members of this cabal are already being hunted down and arrested. He claims that the more public figures, such as the Clintons, will soon be arrested for their crimes. However, in order to deflect the attention on them, Wilcock states that this cabal will be releasing information that will shock the world.


According to Wilcock, in 2002 massive ruins were discovered beneath the ice of Antarctica. He explains that the ruins seem to have been flash-frozen and contain vegetation and multiple bodies (in-tact) throughout the ruins, some of which are non-human. He also claims that the findings within these ruins prove that this society was technologically advanced and possessed flying-saucer technology.

Wilcock advised his audience that some of this information will be released by the cabal in order to deflect attention away from the PizzaGate scandal. He also advised that the release of this information will be happening “soon” and has already begun, citing a Sun article that was released just hours after Wilcock published Endgame.


In this podcast, Dennis reviews Wilcocks accounts and evaluates other sources that may possibly corroborate some of what he is claiming. It is quite possible that Wilcock is simply compiling multiple theories, proven accounts, and current events in order to piece together this fantastic story. However, he claims that as a sign of proof, this information will soon be released by the mainstream to validate what he is saying. In that event, then it is also possible that what he is saying may in fact be true… or another level of a massive deception.

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