Mike Nappi: #NappiHolidays, Beats, & Music to Your Ears


This will be a live event on Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 9:15 pm. Join us and Be The Change!

On Thursday, December 4, 2014, Mike Nappi will be on the Changecast discussing the free Nappi Holidays AlbumCoverrelease of his new album, #NappiHolidays, and it’s journey of creation. Listeners can get their free album, or select tracks, at NappiMusic.com.

A Passion for Music

Mike is an incredibly talent artist who has built his own musical wonderland to create the enjoyable sounds that are starting to take on the airwaves. As a musician, songwriter, and producer, Mike’s music encompasses influences from a variety of genres to include rock, funk, and hip-hop, which leads listeners through a unique musical experience that can’t help but to encourage one to dance as they enjoy the rhythms, sounds, and beats.

Musical Projects

Mike is also the founder/creator of #NappiBeats, a musical selection for artists looking for that perfect sound to compliment their lyrics. More information on Mike’s musical endeavors, #NappiHolidays, and #NappiBeats can be found at NappiMusic.com.

Tune In

Changecast listeners are encouraged to leave their questions or comments for Mike, and they will be addressed during the show. Listeners can comment before or during the show using the Google Hangout question and answer feature. Listeners will also be able to view the show live on this page, Google, or via YouTube. After the show, Listeners can watch, stream, or download the show and can access it via RSS and iTunes! For an archive of our shows, please visit our Changecasts page to hear the accounts of many other helpers offering stories of inspiration and motivation.