Changecast – Uncovering the Truth: False Money & The Alien Agenda

An Awakening

At age 16, Charles Schiavo came to understand the reality behind the “false money” issued by the Federal Reserve. This sparked a quest for understanding, so Charles spent the next eight years of his life studying for at least four hours per day and uncovered a much deeper agenda: a hidden history that may hold a connection to an alien agenda.

In this Changecast, Charles discusses his views, but more importantly, offers constructive advice on ways the average citizen can make a positive impact and help bring an end to the corrupt banking system plaguing the world. The discussion becomes very interesting and important when Dennis asks the question: if these secret societies do in fact exist, and have been planning this agenda for a long period of time, then why are we being made aware of it today? The answer may cause even the most credible researchers to reconsider parts of the Truth Movement. 

Whether you agree with some of his theories or not, however, this discussion is productive, positive, and entertaining! Listen for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.

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