Mind Control Technology – Using TV to Impact Your Nervous System & Alter Your Behavior


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 072:

U.S. Patented Technology – Manipulating your central nervous system through the TV & Other Devices. 

mind-controlOn June 1, 2001, Hendricus G. Loos filed U.S. Patent Number 6506148: Nervous System Manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors. This patent described a technology that utilizes an electromagnetic field to interface with the naturally-occurring electromagnetic field running through the human body.


 Through the manipulation of this field, Hendricus G. Loos realized he could influence human behavior and induce things like depression, loose stool, and sexual excitation, among other emotions. Is this technology being deployed today to manipulate the emotional chaos we are seeing after the recent election?

This podcast explains the following:

  • The electromagnetic field & its impact on human emotions

  • The patented technology by Loos and its ability to influence human emotions & behavior

  • The gross manipulation of human emotion and behavior throughout the election process.


Thousands of Anti-Trump Protests Erupt

UN Observers Monitoring Standing Rock Water Protectors

U.S. Patent 6506148: Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors

U.S. Patent 5782874 Method and Apparatus for Manipulating Nervous System

Mind Control in America

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