Mass Manipulation for War – WW1 & Today


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 094:

History has taught us that nations are misled to inspire support for war. Propaganda, manipulation, and lies were rampant then, and continue today…

They say those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. In studying the events leading to the US involvement in World War 1, we learn that the US government was involved in the mass manipulation of the American people through an intense marketing and propaganda campaign designed to involve every single citizen to support the war.

Involving All Citizens in the War Effort

Organizations such as the Boy-scouts were targeted, and changes were implemented to include fuel rationing and daylight savings. American society was shifted to focus on conservation of domestic resources to save money and divert resources to soldiers fighting in Europe. Through slogans like “Every Scout to Save a Soldier,” and “Clean plates to win the war,” the government successfully involved every man, woman, and child in the war effort.

Restrictions on Freedom

Furthermore, restrictions were placed on American free speech as the press fell under federal control, and over 1,000 citizens were convicted under the sedition act. Speaking against the government and the war became a crime, going against the freedoms guaranteed in the constitution.

Impacts on Today

Some of these restrictions, to include daylight savings, and parts of the espionage act, are still in place today. It is important to be aware of this piece of history, for in the event we face another war, our freedoms may once again come under attack. Not through a foreign enemy, but form those in charge of funding the war. Our opinions may not be our own, but the carefully crafted thoughts of a war-driven propaganda machine…

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