For the Love of Writing!

The Thrill of A New Project:

D2 Oil PaintingWith a sense of anticipation, my fingers frantically type as they pound the keyboard with the manifestation of my thoughts into words. I can see the whole vision in my head – the things I want to say, but I am still amazed as my words appear on the screen.

There is something exhilarating about writing a book, and I have not felt this level of excitement since I neared the end of my first book, Service. It is no small task, carefully crafting your story into the written word. Sentences change, paragraphs get deleted, and sometimes an entire chapter gets re-written, or more! But when those words come together and the excited mess in  your head is a clearly articulated manuscript, the feeling is overwhelmingly powerful.

Never Enough Time!

As I work on my current project, #IAmHuman, I find there is never enough time to just sit and write. When the words are flowing, I could easily sit and spend 8 hours straight staring at the computer. But most days, I may have an hour to spend writing, usually once the kids are asleep, the house is cleaned, and all other chores have been done; and that is only if my website doesn’t need maintenance, I’m not hosting a Changecast, or I don’t have to review one of our Author’s projects. There have been several nights when I have fallen asleep typing only to wake up hours later with a stiff neck.

The other day, however, I had an opportunity to sit for a few hours to get more of my thoughts on paper. My music was playing and there was a light snow falling outside. As I sat and worked on my story, I couldn’t help but to reflect on how happy it made me feel to pretend I was a full-time author. There is something magical about telling your story, and the creative process plays a huge role in manifesting that magic. But one of the greatest rewards comes after months, and sometimes years of hard work, when a reader becomes a fan and makes a personal connection with you. Since publishing my first book, I’ve had a few people, some familiar, some new, reach out and offer their reactions to my story. From the bottom of my heart, I am overwhelmingly grateful.

Just Write!

Whether you write to sell books, or simply to express your thoughts and feelings, I highly encourage everyone to do it! It’s therapeutic and informative, for both the reader and the writer. If you have an interest in writing, whether a blog or a book, we may have a place for you at Service of Change so start writing and contact us today!