Uninvited Guest, Life of the Party! Cancer

Jenn Cancer Quotes“Cancer: A word, a thought, a prayer, a feeling, a distance, but never a reality.”

My ideas that lingered around the word Cancer were vague because Cancer was something that happened to other people. When I heard what it did, I felt sad and prayed for them and kept them in thought. That was it; a thought and a prayer. A thought and a prayer that I never understood until it showed up uninvited and brought the party to life.

A thought and a prayer, misunderstood and uninvited and there we were living among my mom’s cancer diagnosis as she brought the party to life. Her Cancer was very unexpected. She had no prior symptoms until she stood up and her right tibia broke. Why? How? Exactly. Uninvited.

Cancer: Uninvited

It took time to get to the diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Large Cell B Diffuse, and in that time, many thoughts went through my mind: the worst, the best and disbelief. Push your thoughts aside and realize Cancer, whatever the name, whatever the diagnosis, is a journey; a personal journey that no person, story, blog, movie, or TV show will nor can prepare you for.

Cancer, the uninvited guest, taught me that everyone’s cancer, diagnosis, and situation is completely different. But what I can say is that keeping faith in God, having a positive, willing outlook, and being realistic with this uninvited guest brings the party to life.

Cancer, is sad, overwhelming, and unrelenting, but it doesn’t have to win. It will win if you allow it. Cancer, is love, understanding, joy, faith, self-care, and an abundance of everything you thought you never wanted.

A word, a thought, a prayer, a feeling, a distance, a reality that you are unprepared for. As my Mom would say: “You never know until you are in the situation and that is okay, so you really can’t judge, but just keep an open mind.”

Keep an open mind with this uninvited guest and realize it can be the life of the party!

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