Lies Affecting YOUR Health You Need to Know About

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The Seiker Podcast, Ep 064:

Our trusted authorities have been bought at the cost of our health…

lies-and-healthEach year, millions of dollars are raised to help the fight against cancer. Yet statistically, things have gotten worse. Why? Because our “trusted” officials and scientists have been paid to lie about findings that directly affect our health. In this podcast, we explore evidence and articles covering:

  • The lies told by the sugar industry to boost sales, blame fats, and ruin American Health

  • Corruption within the CDC – top CDC officials with close ties to Coca-Cola skewing data to benefit private companies at the cost of consumer health.

  • Suggestions & plans on how you can improve your health with the information in this podcast.

  • Connections to shamanic practices in healing and medicine that can improve your health

  • Also: Some recent UFO sightings

Links Referenced

I Am Human & We Are Not Who We Think We Are

Washington Witness Describes UFO with Fins

SpaceX Stumped by Mysterious Rocket Explosion

Obama Advisor John Podesta Regrets Keeping People in the Dark about UFOs

50 Years ago, Sugar Industry Paid Scientists to Blame Fat

CDC – Corrupt Disaster Center

Sugar Coated Documentary

WebMD – Your Brain on Sugar

Sugar: The Bitter Truth (Documentary)

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