Leaving Education & the Creation of Service of Change Radio

Change for Dennis:

In this Changecast, Dennis reviews his journey as a teacher: from the violence of his first Philadelphia classroom to his final send off at the learning center. Dennis expresses his pride in his students for organizing themselves to start a petition to save their learning center.

Launching Radio for Change

In addition, Service of Change is considering starting a radio station. This would provide an opportunity to broadcast live (or pre-recorded Podcasts) 24/7! Service of Change is looking for any interested Podcast hosts who are interested in joining this up and coming network for change.  Email Dennis @ DennisNappiII@Gmail.com with if your interested, and be sure to provide a description of your show (or idea) and a link to any current episodes you may have. This is a great opportunity to network and grow your show, especially if you are a new Podcaster. More information to follow in the near future.