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The Seiker Podcast, Ep 107:

Join author Haley Poluchuck as she explores her new book, In Shado. An exciting discussion about lucid dreams, astral projection, sleep paralysis, and the people who travel to other realms.  

When asleep, traversers appear as otherworldly versions of themselves in Shado, an eerie alternate dimension molded by the subconscious minds of its inhabitants. Some have power over Shado, some wander its dark, metallic forest confused, thinking they’re locked into a recurring dream.

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Lumen realizes she’s not dreaming when two of her friends from Shado end up on the news after a car crash that leaves one in a coma, trapped in Shado. They seek a group of traversers for protection from Daniel, a man who notoriously rips a traverser’s soul from their physical forms in effort to escape into the waking world. When they find the others, Lumen is assumed to be the subject of a vague prophecy and has to choose to either play the part of their savior, or risk being rejected and losing the safety of the haven.

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About the Author

Haley Poluchuck is a longtime fantasy reader and writer. She started her first novel in the eighth grade and went on to be a creative writing and English major in college. After seeing In Shado’s success on Wattpad, a website for posting stories, Haley decided to sell it on Amazon in an effort to start getting her work out into the world before her last year of college. She hopes to publish more of her novels and become a successful author.

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