Immediate Help is Needed, by All Of YOU!



As Knowledge of Today stated: “EVERYONE should watch and share this short video.  Please take just 5 minutes to watch, and share to help spread the message for those who take their lives for granted.  One share and a few words is enough to make a difference, one person at a time.  Created by Gus Serrano.”

Their message could not be more accurate and compelling.  I apologize for sharing something of this nature, but my two minutes of discomfort do not compare to the atrocities this video aims to bring to light.

At Service of Change, we often state that “small changes among the masses can have massive impacts around the world.”  In my book, Service, I state that “a sacrifice made on our terms for a greater good is a much better investment than a sacrifice imposed on us to foster repression.”

I am trying to make those small changes, but they are difficult.  I have significantly reduced the amount of red meat I consume – and try my best to always purchase grass fed and free range beef.  I have plans on investing in alternative energy over the next five years within my home to reduce my dependency on oil.  Those two small acts alone, although a definite challenge, can have a major impact on the world if everyone does the same.  As for my phone, I own an IPhone and have become quite dependent on it.  But it sickens me to realize that through my purchase, I am supporting such slave labor.  I am going to give some serious thought on how I can survive without this technology – or if there are other smartphones that are produced without such poor treatment of their workers. If we as consumers demand better working conditions for the people who make our products, the companies will listen!  We have the power to boycott, and with that power we can control those who are in control.

The time to change is now.  We need to start living for each other, and for the creatures that share our home and sustain us.  Being a consumer is like being addicted to drugs.  We need to withdraw and make a change.  Change is not easy, but change is necessary.  Together, we can do it.  Alone, we are lost.  Let’s start making a change today.

I came across this video via Knowledge of Today’s Facebook page.  More info can be found on their website: