Humanoid Mummy found in Peru – Is it Alien, Hoax, or Something Else?


The Seiker Podcast, Ep 100:

With the discovery of these remains, are we looking at the re-writing of history, another hoax, or another complex story of misdirection?

Gaia TV released footage of a mummified body that may prove to be something other than a modern-day human. With only 3 fingers on each hand and an elongated skull, this being looks like it could have been the inspiration for a blockbuster alien-based sci-fi film. Critics claim this being is nothing more than a plaster cast of a fake body, yet researchers are claiming to be running DNA analysis and scheduling cat-scans to get a better understanding of what they have uncovered.

The Rewriting of History?

Carbon dating places this creature somewhere between 245 – 410 AD. If this is a real being, and the dating is accurate, it’s interesting that this time period was possibly a time when history was being edited. With books being taken out of the Bible, Gnostics being exterminated, and the Library of Alexandria being destroyed, maybe such beings were being erased from our history. Is it possible that this being was mummified as a last-ditch revolutionary effort to preserve part of our forgotten past?

MJ12 and the Human Exchange

On his website Unknown Country,  Author Whitley Strieber recently published a journal entry discussing the controversy over the recently-leaked “MJ-12 documents” making claims of alien beings, crashed ships, and allegations of a child-swap program among alien beings and humans. Such claims definitely read like an extreme tabloid article. However, such stories go back hundreds of years and can be found in Faery lore, where people would claim the Faeries had swapped their baby for a Faery child. Are such claims the work of fiction, insanity, or mass deception? Or is there something deeper going on here? There are things in this world that challenge our paradigms and comfort levels. Just because something seems incredibly strange and bizarre, does not mean it’s not possible…

100 Episodes Later

This episode marked my 100th episode of The Seiker Podcast. It has been an incredible journey for me, and I’m just getting started. The show has forced me to pull more research, and cite my sources, as I unravel this strange reality we live in. What’s been incredibly fascinating for me is watching some of this play out in the mainstream with some of our public officials. Something big is happening all around us. I believe it has been for quite some time, and now, it’s easier than ever before to find credible information that helps unravel this mystery we call life. To my friends, listeners, readers, and followers, thank you for taking this journey with me! Here’s to 100 more!!!

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