The Green Man: Pest Control with Herbs & Oils

Changing the World

Safe Removal of Baby RaccoonsIn this Changecast, the Green Man acts as a perfect example of how “small changes among the masses can have a massive impact around the world!” John, founder and owner of Green Man Exterminator, shares the story of his journey to green pest control: It started with a simple desire to protect his family from ticks without exposing them to harsh chemicals. With a little bit of research, John’s green alternative to combat ticks developed in to an effective and very successful green pest-control company.

An Effective Alternative to Chemicals

safe wildlife removalJohn explains how his combination of essential oils and herbs is just as effective, if not more effective, than big-company competitors who rely exclusively on chemicals for extermination. John provides several examples of his triumphs over roaches and bed-bugs, and answers questions from Joel the Provocateur. This Changecast is informative and inspiring, as John shines as an example of how one person really can make a difference and start the world toward change.

Contacting the Green Man

The Green Man Exterminator services Mount Pocono, PA, and the surrounding area. However, someday Green Man, or at least its green influence, may spread around the world! If you would like to know more, Green Man can be reached at (570) 851 4836, or on their website at

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