Forever Yours – Letters to Loved One’s Passed

Changecast Ep 054

On this Changecast we interview Janine Wetter. She is currently compiling letters for her upcoming book, Forever Yours, asking participants to write a letter to a deceased loved one. This is a beautiful project that is sure to inspire thoughts of the one’s we have loved and lost.

Forever Yours

Have you ever wished you had the chance to tell your deceased loved one just one more thing?  This may be your opportunity to express your feelings. I am seeking out individuals who would be interested in writing a letter to a deceased friend, family member, relative or even foe.  My plan is to compile these letters in a book entitled Forever Yours.  Join me in saving and sharing your memories through letter writing. For additional information email

Forever YoursAbout the Author

Janine Wetter lives in northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Jim. She is the mother of three children and a black Labrador Retriever named Ava. Janine has taught English Literature at a local high school for over twenty-five years and counting.  She enjoys spending her free time reading and hiking with Ava.