Fixing What’s Wrong With the World Starts at Home

The Cause

There are seemingly a lot of problems that face the world, and particularly this country, at the end of 2014. I think the problems that we face in this country, from GMO’s, to civil rights, to immigration, are actually symptoms that stem from one major problem. This problem happened in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the IRS. I briefly explain the Federal Reserve and our monetary system in this video. It was at this time, we as America gave up our freedom and independence as a Nation. By giving the power of printing money on behalf of America to the Federal Reserve, a private bank with private owners, we lost the power to control the value of our own currency.

From 1913 on, the Federal Reserve has converted our money from sound money, which was backed by gold, into fiat currency, which is backed by nothing. This conversion didn’t happen overnight and wasn’t completed until the 1970’s when the Vietnam War was over. From this point on, our money has been backed by nothing other than the trust that people have in the Federal Reserve’s owners maintaining its value. These problems are macro-economic problems and effect all of us. The media leads us to believe that the solutions also lie in macro-economic politics or macro-economic corporations. Trying to get large corporations to label their GMO products through legislation is a great example. The truth is, however, the answer lies in Home Economics.


Just about everything that everyone does in this country (world too, but lets worry about where we live first) breaks down into 12 areas. Each of these areas represent things that everyone participates in or uses in one way or another during our lives. These areas are:

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In America, we depend on money to purchase all of the things on this list. Even our culture and spirit is purchased through music, movies, amusement parks etc. We no longer produce any of these things on our own, all we do is distribute our time and effort in exchange for money and then use that money to buy everything else. Some of these things are supposedly provided by our government, some of the things we get from corporations. Each of these 12 areas can be categorized into 6 different economic zones. In my opinion, these zones divide economic levels, starting with home economics up to the national/world economic level. These zones are:

  1. Home
  2. Community
  3. Region
  4. State
  5. Nation
  6. World

The majority of our dependence at the end of 2014 is in zone 5 and 6. This is where big corporations and big government operate. The people operating in this level and controlling things here probably number less than 10,000 worldwide, yet the decisions they make effect everyone at home that uses the products and services they provide, which number in the billions. This allows the very select few to control the masses. The truth is though, most of the things we need in our lives can be produced at home or locally. The knowledge exists and is readily available to anyone via the Internet, books, blogs etc.; it’s just a matter of seeking that knowledge and applying it to everyday life.


Many other countries are using solar power very successfully and yet here we are very far behind the times. People have great yards that they spend lots of money on, but none of it is edible. Instead of creating gardens out of yards, we have complained to zones 5 and 6 (sort of) to make a change or label their products. We shouldn’t be complaining to zones 5 and 6. We need to start solving these problems that we are capable of solving at at home, and render zones 5 and 6 as obsolete as possible. By doing this, we starve out zones 5 and 6 and limit their power. We as individuals should have as much of our own power as possible without effecting others negatively. Today, we willing but unknowingly give up almost all of our individual power, freedom and independence to zones 5 and 6, and that needs to stop. By bringing the 12 areas described above as close to home as possible, we can greatly reduce the power that zones 5 and 6 have over us. Take a look around your home and see what you get from a corporation that resides in zone 5 or 6 and see if there is a solution you can produce at home instead. Share what you find with me on my webpage

I think I’ve rambled enough for one blog? I don’t know I’ve never really wrote one before, but if you like what you’ve read today, check back periodically, I’ll have more to add in the future. Defining the problem is only the first step, solving the problem comes next. Thanks for reading.